How To Choose the Right Prescription Glasses

8 June 2015
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If your eye doctor tells you that you need prescription glasses, you'll want to make sure you get ones that will be comfortable in and that look good on you. This article will help you to decide which pair of glasses is the right choice for you.

Find frames that complement the shape of your face.

It is best to find glasses that flatter the natural shape of your face. You want to steer clear of frames that have the same shape as your face, because wearing these will exaggerate your facial structure and may make it look unnaturally shaped. For example, wearing round glasses with a round face can make your face appear extremely round, like a ball. Try wearing rectangular glasses on a round face, oval glasses on a square face, round glasses on a heart shaped face and rectangular glasses on an oval face.

Make sure the glasses fit your nose correctly.

You may not realize how uncomfortable a new pair of glasses will be on your nose until you have worn them for a while. The wrong glasses can eventually create permanent indentations where they set and they can lead to the feeling of bruising on your nose. You want glasses that stay on your face while causing very little pressure on your nose. This is accomplished by choosing glasses that stay in place by fitting your ears snugly.

Verify that your vision is not obstructed.

Purchasing the wrong frames can cause you to see more of the frames out of the corners of your eyes than you are comfortable with. Seeing too much of the frames is not only irritating, but it can also cause you to become distracted while driving, leading to a safety issue.

Consider going with tinted glasses.

If you need to wear prescription glasses most of the time, then you won't be able to wear sunglasses when you go outside. Tinted prescription glasses will get darker in the sunlight, taking the place of sunglasses. The tinted glasses will also offer you UV protection against the sun's damaging rays, while making it easier for you to see when it's bright outside.

Choosing the right prescription glasses is very important, especially if you are a person who needs to wear them most of the time. You need to have them fit comfortably so you don't suffer from headaches due to unnecessary pressure and other uncomfortable issues. When you try on glasses, shake your head a little and look down to make sure they fit correctly. Your eye doctor can help adjust the glasses so they will fit well. Contact a optometrist from a business such as Bethany Vision Clinic for more information.