The Eyes Have It: 3 Tips for Avoiding Vision Problems While Playing Video Games

13 April 2016
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If you have kids that enjoy video games, you should know that their eyes may be at risk. This is especially true if they don't take precautions to protect their vision while they're playing. Video games have become one of the most common ways for kids to spend their time. In fact, according to one study, kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than seven hours a day playing video games and consuming other media . Unfortunately, those hours playing video games could be increasing the damage done to their eyes. In addition to reducing the amount of time your kids spend playing video games, here are three simple steps you can take to protect their eyes.

Mind the Distance

Most kids like to sit as close to the screen as possible while they play video games. Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting their eyes, distance does matter. The closer your kids sit to the screen, the more strain they put on their eyes. They should also make sure that they're sitting eye level to the screen. Sitting eye level will relax their eye muscles and prevent eye strain. To encourage your kids to sit further away from the screen, you should consider purchasing wireless controllers for their video game consoles. The wireless controllers will allow them to play their games while sitting a safe distance from the screen.

Get Rid of the Glare

While your kids are playing their video games, take a look at the screen. If you can see glare from lights or windows, turn the screen until the glare is no longer present. Glare on the screen can make your kids' eyes have to work harder, which will increase eye strain. If there's no way to turn the screen to avoid glare, make sure your kids close their curtains while they play their video games.

Ensure the Kids Wear Their Glasses

If your kids wear prescription lenses, it's important that they wear their glasses while they're playing video games. Their glasses will prevent them from needing to strain to see the screen. Their glasses will also reduce the pressure that's placed on their eyes while they're focusing in small details in the game.

If your kids enjoy playing video games, you need to make sure that they're eyes are protected. The tips provided here will help you prevent vision problems. To keep your kids' vision healthy, be sure to visit an optometrist, like one from Envision Eyecare, at least once every two years.