5 Mistakes To Avoid After Cataract Surgery

21 November 2016
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Cataract surgery is a very common procedure, and it is typically done on an out-patient basis. While the surgery itself can be done quickly, there is a recovery time as your eye heals. Most people recover from cataract surgery quickly, as long as they follow some simple guidelines. If you're having cataract surgery in the near future, avoid these common mistakes during your recovery:

Expecting to Drive Yourself Home After Surgery

While cataract surgery is a quick procedure done in an office, do not expect to be able to drive yourself home. Many people experience vision changes, such as blurriness, in the hours and possibly days after surgery, so it is not safe to drive. Your eye surgeon will most likely require that you have a friend or family member available to drive you home.

Not Taking Medications as Prescribed

In most cases, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops are prescribed after cataract surgery. It is extremely important that you administer the drops as directed by your doctor. The antibiotic drops will help prevent an eye infection from developing, and the anti-inflammatory drops will help reduce internal inflammation. Do not discontinue using the eye drops until your eye surgeon tells you it is okay to stop.

Lifting Heavy Object or Partaking in Strenuous Activity

During recovery from cataract surgery, you do not want to put any undue pressure on your eye. Heavy lifting and strenuous activity can increase pressure in your eye and affect the surgery site. Take it easy the first few weeks, and avoid lifting anything that weighs more than a few pounds.

Rubbing Your Eye

Eye rubbing should always be avoided, but it is especially important to refrain from this activity while your eye is healing from cataract surgery. When you rub your eye, you can introduce germs to the area which can increase the chance of and infection the area where surgery was done. Eye rubbing can also irritate your eye and the surgical site. 

Going Outside without Sun Glasses

Take special care of your eye while you recover from cataract surgery, especially when going outdoors. It is not a good idea to go outside without wearing a pair of large sunglasses to protect your eye from the wind, sunlight, dust, and any debris in the air. It is highly recommended that you wear sunglasses outdoors for at least a few weeks after your surgery until your eye is completely healed.